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Buddhist Palm Leaf manuscript - Dehong Dai language, Northern Thailand/Burma/Yunnan Province


Buddhist Palm Leaf manuscript - Dehong Dai language, Northern Thailand/Yunnan Province.

An unusual Buddhist manuscript in a language known by a number of names:

อักษรไทใต้คง (อังกฤษ: Dehong Dai, Tai Dehong), อักษรไทเหนือ (Tai Nüa) หรือ อักษรไตเหลอ (Tai Le).

This script was used by the Northern Tai people (resident in both northern Thailand and Burma), and also in the southwest Yunnan province of China.

It comprises 2 x outer bamboo covers containing 10 inscribed palm leafs. The script is written on both sides of each leaf, making 20 pages total. The leaves are held together by a string passing through them, and the covers, which is secured by 2 x old Chinese coins. Cinnabar edge colour to the palm leaves. Condition is good with minor flaws to the leaf edges as would be expected.

The content is a Buddhist text.

Date: Exact date unknown, but c. late 19th/early 20th Century.

Dimensions: approximately 382mm long x 43mm wide x 25mm deep.