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South East Asian Art and Antiques, & Antiquarian, Rare and Collectable books

The Graphic; An Illustrated Weekly Newspaper; 1875 India issue & collection of 1881 issues


The Graphic; An Illustrated Weekly Newspaper; A bound set of approximately 7 months of The Graphic magazine in a typical library binding. Comprising:

October 1875 - 'The Indian Number' - a single issue focusing on India from this year.

1881 issues - make up the remainder of this volume. Runs from April-June 1881, and Sept-Dec 1881.

Overall condition is only fair at best - issues are now disbound, and expect torn or missing pages and general faults. Despite this, The Graphic always provides a fascinating insight into that time period, and contains many terrific images. priced to reflect condition.

The Graphic was a British illustrated newspaper issued weekly, which ran from 1869 to 1932. The Graphic contained fantastic quality engravings, by many of the leading artists and illustrators of the day, and the writing was of an equally high standard, notably including George Eliot, Thomas Hardy and Anthony Trollope. It covered many topics including News home and abroad, The Arts, Sport, Legal cases, and 'Amusements'.

Even to those unfamiliar with the title, you will almost certainly have seen its pages grace the film sets of many a Victorian drama. It provides a fascinating insight into the way the British middle and upper classes viewed the world in Victorian times - very much a product of 'The British Empire'. The images are beautiful and the advertisements depict a bygone age. The publication is often used by researchers to provide information about life in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, leading into the early part of the Modern era.

Issues of The Graphic are surprisingly uncommon, as so many have been completely pulled apart in order to sell individual images, so it is lovely to find a large run like this.

Published by The Graphic Illustrated Weekly Newspaper, London, 1875 and 1881.

Large format hardback binding with cloth covering and cloth spine, now disbound from contents. Covers are heavily worn - bumped, rubbed, torn and crinkled.

Inside, the text pages vary from poor to very good. Flaws throughout should be expected. Please see the extensive photographs available.

Many topics are of course covered in this volume including India, New Zealand and  the Maoris, British Empire, worldwide news and travel, and Royal activities, amongst others.

These are scarce issues containing hundreds of pages of interest.

Weight - A substantial Volume weighing approximately 5kg unpacked.

Dimensions - The volume is approximately 470mm high x 300mm wide x 70mm deep.