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Burmese lacquerware offering vessel, known as hsun ok, late 19th Century


Burmese lacquerware offering vessel, known as hsun ok or soon-oke, late 19th Century.

This beautiful lacquerware vessel made in bamboo and lacquer is constructed in 2 main parts, opening to reveal a red coloured compartment with one additional circular tray inside.

The beautiful shape resembles a pagoda. Fabulous proportions and intricate detailed decoration on the lacquerware. Traditionally such vessels are used to present food to a monastery, but make a wonderful, timeless, decorative piece.

These are not often found in the UK.

Condition is good overall. Structurally sound and no splits. There is substantial old repair work, particularly around the base and interior rim. Some surface splitting and minor losses, but still an attractive and scarce piece.

Size: Approx. 55cm high. 31.5cm diameter.