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Original Japanese Woodblock Print, Kunichika, Geisha, 1870 豊原 国周

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Original Japanese Woodblock Print, Kunichika, 1864 豊原 国周


Toyohara Kunichika 豊原 国周 (1835-1900) was a Japanese woodblock artist mainly known for his kabuki theatre prints. This print depicts a geisha being assisted into her spectacular silk kimono by her attendant.

The print carries the date mark of the 2nd month of 1870, and the publisher's mark of Ebiya Rinnosuke (1832-95), a known publisher of Kunichika's work.

Framed under glass.

Dimensions: Vertical oban. Print display size: 345mm high x 230mm wide. Frame size: 550mm high x 415mm wide.

Colours remain vibrant and striking. A scarce print.