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South East Asian Art, Antiques and Rare Books
South East Asian Art, Antiques and Rare Books

Vintage Burmese betel boxes

SKU FAR100210

Old Burmese Betel box - kun-it

We have managed to acquire a quantity of original old Burmese betel boxes. These all date from the 20th century and follow similar traditional design. Exact dating is difficult as this design has been used over a long period but we estimate these boxes are all circa 1930-1960.

These are not modern reproductions, but nor are they "late 19th Century", which is a tag often wrongly used to describe Burmese lacquerware.

The design style featured on all boxes is that of ku-nan-kan-byat, Yunnan semicircle design with interlocking forms, with the design varying slightly from piece to piece.

These cylindrical boxes are made of lacquered woven bamboo and comprise two fitted trays inside to hold the various items necessary to make quids of betel (for chewing).

Height = 9.5cm.
Diameter = 11cm.

Sizes may vary a little from piece to piece.

Small damages should b expected - these are genuine vintage boxes.