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群玉堂帖 Collection of Calligraphy written in the Song Dynasty by 米元章, 3 Volumes


群玉堂帖 Collection of Calligraphy written in the Song Dynasty by 米元章 and  智永

3 Volumes published by: 

株式會社二弦社 (Published in Japan).

群玉堂帖 by  米元章 (Mi Fu). Originally published in this form in 1960. This edition 8th edition, 1971. A  collection of calligraphy written in the Song dynasty.

關中本千字文 by  智永. 

Originally published in this form in 1963. This edition 6th edition, 1970. A collection of calligraphy and idioms written in the Sui dynasty.


虹縣詩卷 by  米元章 (Mi Fu). Originally published in this form in 1964. This edition 4th edition, 1970. A collection of poetry written in the Song dynasty.


Each volume is in a slipcase. Condition overall is very good. Slipcases have some discoloration to covers and spine and volumes themselves are nice and clean - just a few minor cover marks on occasion.

Approximate dimensions of each volume: 360mm high x 192mm wide x 9mm deep.

Provenance: Collection of Eddie Tseng Po (1915-1989). He was a top newsman, at the centre of many world events. He held position such as the Far East Bureau chief of CNA, editor of the Hong Kong Times, President of the Hong Kong Correspondents Club, and undertook diplomatic roles on behalf of the Republic of China government in Taiwan. He was given a near state funeral in Hong Kong and a second one, with military honours, in Taiwan.