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19th Century Egyptian Photograph Album, Albumen Prints, Zangaki

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19th Century Egyptian Photograph Album, Albumen Prints.

An album of Albumen prints from approximately 1880, of Egyptian subjects.


Large format - each approximately 22cm x 28cm. Mounted in an album of 27.5cm x 36cm.

The album itself is a thick card stock and is discolored and heavily worn at edges (see photos).

22 prints in total.

At a glance this looks like an album entitled ' Plan du Canal de Suez' as this is annotated on the front image of the book. However, this is not truly representative of the contents which are much broader in scope, covering subjects such as the Pyramids, Sphinx, Ports and ships, Egyptian people and mosques.

Many of the photographs are captioned in the negative and the studio name of Zangaki is repeated frequently. The Zangaki brothers produced prints for tourists in Egypt, in the 1870s - 1890s. It should be noted that the Z in Zangaki is stylised to resemble the letter L, and therefore is often misidentified as Langaki. The brothers are thought to have been Greek, although they generally captioned their images in French.

A fascinating group of vintage prints capturing the affluent Victorian travel experience.