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South East Asian Art, Antiques & Rare Books
South East Asian Art, Antiques & Rare Books

2 Volume Set of Hu Tanqing's Paintings. 胡郯卿先生畫集


2 Volume Set of Hu Tanqing's Paintings. 胡郯卿先生畫集.

First book:胡郯卿先生畫集第一集——The First Collection of Mr. Hu Tanqing’s Paintings.

Second book:胡郯卿先生畫集第二集——The Second Collection of Mr. Hu Tanqing’s Paintings.

Complete set.

Artist:胡郯卿— Hu Tanqing (1865-1942?).

Publisher:東方美術印刷公司(上海山海關路南興坊)— Oriental Art Printing Company(Nanxingfang, Shanhaiguan Road, Shanghai).

Undated but circa 1920?

Each volume contains 1 x title page and 12 x full page plates of the artist's work. Hu Tanqing was a scholar and highly respected artist. After he settled in Baixia Xingzhong Gate, he created Chinese and Western style paintings from his studio and became a renowned artist of his time. His tiger paintings were of particularly strong appeal.

Covers have lost their title labels and are worn and chipped. Text is generally very good with some age discoloration. Worn thread sewn binding.

Approximate size: each volume 35cm x 23cm x 0.5cm.