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Antique Burmese betel box, Kun-it, 18cm high, 20.5cm diameter, circa 1930


Large Antique Burmese betel box, Kun-it, 18cm high, circa 1930.

Lovely example of Yun technique lacquerware betel box. The design style featured on this box is that of ku-nan-kan-byat, Yunnan design with interlocking forms. The box features zodiacal characters throughout. Cinnabar colour. 4 pieces.

This cylindrical box is made of lacquered woven bamboo and includes a fitted interior tray to hold the various items necessary to make quids of betel (for chewing). With inscribed base depicting the maker's identity and central roundel on top.

In good condition overall - the internal compartments and sides of the box are excellent, but the top of the box does have significant splits appearing, but is still very attractive. (see photos).

Size (approx):
Height = 18cm
Diameter = 20.5cm