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Antique Nepalese Female Ancestor Figure, West Nepal


Antique Nepalese Female Ancestor Figure, West Nepal

Very striking old Nepalese female ancestor figure from West Nepal in wood.

These anthropomorphic sculptures are found in the Karnali Basin region. For some examples of very similar pieces, see Wood Sculpture in Nepal by Bertrand Goy and Max Itzikovitz, 2009.

Wonderful, powerful artwork. This is an important votive figure, used for worship and protection against negative influences. The figure represents an ancestral figure of the local inhabitants. A very idiosyncratic style of Nepalese tribal art. The bump in the abdomen area may well be a potent symbol of fertility.

Exact age uncertain, but considerable age - estimate early 20th Century, but could be older.

Professionally mounted on museum quality black satin base.

Dimensions (incl base):
58cm high x 17cm x 13cm deep