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Burmese antique gilded bronze seated Buddha figure, 18th-19th Century


Burmese gilded bronze seated Buddha figure, 18th-19th Century

Burmese Shan (Tai-Yai) seated Buddha under a representation of a blossoming Bodhi tree - an example of one of the "twenty eight" Buddhas (a series of Buddhas from previous world cycles).

As is typical of this type of art, the left hand rests in the lap in deep contemplation of the future Buddha (dyhana mudra) and the right hand points to the earth to call the earth goddess to witness and recall the good deeds of the Bodhisattva in former existences - to be challenged by Mara, the tempter.

This is a lovely example of Burmese Shan (Tai-Yai) miniature art, which would originally have formed part of a small set depicting an important scene in the life and development of the Buddha.

This figure is in gilded bronze with extensive gilding remaining.

11cm high x 4cm wide x 3.6cm deep

18th-19th Century