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Burmese lacquerware Yun storage chest, Thitta


Burmese lacquerware Yun storage chest, Thitta

Wonderful example of Yun technique lacquerware box of large size. A beautiful incised lacquer design adorns this large rectangular box known in Burmese as a Thitta. Hinged lid.

The lid depicts a scene with 5 figures, 2 of which are soldiers and 3 are regal figures, against a palatial background. One suspects that this is a depiction of a known Burmese tale as the 3 regal figures look like young princes, perhaps caught in the act of being somewhere they shoudn't be, as they appear to be about to run away. The central figure appears to have been "caught in the act" of picking up an object from the ground by one of the guards. Seated male and female court attendants adorn the sides of the box. The 2 black panels for personalisation of the chest, at top and bottom, remain unadorned.

Age: circa 1900-1930

51cm long x 39cm wide x 15.5cm high

Interior compartment capacity:
47.5cm long x 36cm wide x 11.5cm high