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Elements of Chinese Architecture, by Liang Sicheng, 1935, signed by Yuan-Hsi Kuo

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Elements of Chinese Architecture, by Liang Sicheng, 1935, signed by Yuan-Hsi Kuo


Liang Sicheng (1901-1972) is recognised as the "Father of Modern Chinese Architecture" and author of China's first modern history on Chinese architecture. He was the son of Liang Qichao, a prominent Chinese thinker during the Qing Dynasty. His wife was also an architect and poet, Lin Huiyin.

He and his wife were involved in the design of the emblem of the national emblem of the People's Republic of China, but his emphasis on the greatness of the Chinese building tradition led to him being considered as "an authority of counter-revolutionary scholarship" by the Communist party. He was persecuted during his lifetime but posthumously rehabilitated and greatly respected.

We believe this book was his third volume.

Extremely scarce book, with very attractive inscription by Yuan-Hsi Kuo

Outer slipcase with black and silver label. In very good condition overall - completely intact and strong - but with mild creasing on lower part of label and bumping to extremities. Presumed first edition, 1935.

Inside is a card folio containing an 8pp booklet and 25 pages of loose plates as issued.

Outer folio is near fine save for the beginnings of a split along the bottom 4cm of the spine, and with a beautiful inscription inside:

"To Elmer Adams, Architect - From his fellow Friend across the Ocean. Yuan-hsi Kuo, June 1936"  This is followed by a decorative Seal, then the book's title "Elements of Chinese Architecture".

The folio is near fine. The 8pp booklet is very good, but age discoloured with mild wear. The beautiful plates are in near fine condition.


Outer folio: 267mm high x 190mm wide x 17mm deep.