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South East Asian Art and Antiques, & Antiquarian, Rare and Collectable books

Hills In Kobe, T. Takagi, 1915. 高木庭次郎

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Hills In Kobe (神戸の丘), T. Takagi (高木庭次郎), 1915. 


Published by T. Takagi, Photographic Studio and Art Gallery. No. 42, Nishimachi, Kobe, Japan.

This is the 1915 1st edition and is very scarce - the National Museum of Japan only lists the 2nd printing of 1916 in their collection (

The publishing accreditation style is known to have been used between 1913 and 1927.

Tejiro Takagi was a photographer based in Kobe and produced collotype albums in the Meiji era and beyond. He published under his own name from 1914 until at least 1929. He produced more than 25 hand-coloured collotype photo-books of Japanese life. Ref: Old Japanese Photographs; Collector's Data Guide, Terry Bennett, 2006.

A good book overall, of Collotyped and Hand Colored photographs of the Kobe area of Japan. 

Hand painted covers with fabric over boards, with thread ties. Covers a little soiled and worn with frayed extremities. Inside rear creased. Text pages are very good with some age discoloration. Consists of 20 x tissue guarded printed photographs annotated in both Japanese and English. Soundly bound. An attractive and scarce volume.

Title Page + 20 prints (mostly tissue guarded, but a few tissue guards missing).

Subject Matter (complete as called for):

  1. The Futatabi road
  2. The Nunobiki water-works reservoir
  3. The Futatabi "Fuji"
  4. Inland Sea from the top of Futatabi
  5. Road to Futatabi
  6. The twenty crossing
  7. The Mayasan road
  8. The Mayasan road
  9. Kobe from Mayasan
  10. Moon light scene of Awaji Island from the top of Mayasan
  11. The stone steps at Mayasan
  12. Autumn tines of Mayasan
  13. The golf rings at Rokkosan
  14. Takaoyama and Futatabi
  15. The Cow's back
  16. The Anchor hill
  17. The sun set scene of Inland Sea from Kettle hill
  18. The goblin rock
  19. Kobe Alps
  20. Awaji Island from Shioya.

Dimensions: approx 25mm high x 18mm wide x 10mm deep.

Weight: Approximately 0.26kg (unpacked).