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South East Asian Art, Antiques and Rare Books
South East Asian Art, Antiques and Rare Books

Le Avventure di Telemaco, di Figliuolo D'Ulisse, Francesco do Salignac, 1768


Le Avventure di Telemaco, di Figliuolo D'Ulisse, Composte dal fu Monsignor Francesco do Salignac, della Motte Fenelon, Maestro de' Serenissimi Principi de Francia, e dopo Archivescovo Duca di Cambrai, Principe dell' Imperio, ec. Nuova Edizione. Tomo Primo.

The Adventures of Telemachus, Son of Ulysses, composed by the late Monsignor Francesco do Salignac, of Motte Fenelon, Master of the Most Serene Princes of France, and after Archbishop Duke of Cambrai, Prince of Imperio, etc. New edition. Volume 1.

Published by Pietro Savioni, Venice, 1768. Volume 1. New Edition. The original French novel was first published in 1699.

A fair copy, heavily worn boards, with only a few fragments of the spine leather remaining. Cracked hinges, although still bound, but covers very loose. "Dorchester' bookplate to first pastedown. Water staining is significant throughout the book, although the text is all still clearly legible and is all present.

lvi + 383pp. Text in Italian.

Dimensions: approximately 172mm  x 160mm x 23mm.