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Manuscript: Japanese Meiji Period Merchant's Accounts Book, 1871


Japanese Meiji Period Merchant's Accounts Book, 1871.

This is a truly unique offering - an original Japanese merchant's cash book, Genkin Iri Harai Cho, dated to Meiji 4 - 1871.

Still firmly bound with sewn cotton string with hemp rope hanger. Contains hundreds of pages of hand painted old style Japanese writing. Translation of this is beyond us, but a Japanese friend has identified the word "Salt' in the text giving a clue to the type of business. Every page is full of writing. A unique social record of the time.

Covers are worn due to everyday use, but really this is in remarkably good condition given that it was a daily working book. Very good overall.

Dimensions: approx 34cm long x 12cm wide x 4cm deep.