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South East Asian Art, Antiques and Rare Books
South East Asian Art, Antiques and Rare Books

Seals of Wu Changshou (Wu Chang Shuo); Changshuo Yinpu (1844-1927)

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Seals of Wu Changshou; Changshuo Yinpu (1844-1927).

Published Shanghai Calligraphy and Painting Publishing House, 1987. Author: Wu Changhsou (Wu Chang Shuo).

Fine condition. Softback book containing 251pp of seals. Beautiful condition throughout. Only flaw is remains of original price sticker on cover.

ii + 251pp.

Wu Changhsou, 吴昌硕 or 吳昌碩, was an important figure who initially concentrated on poetry and calligraphy and was the pre-eminent figure in the Xiling Society of Seal Arts in Hangzhou. His later paintings were noted for helping rejuvenate the art of painting flowers and birds. He gained considerable fame and was particularly respected in Japan.

An excellent reference work.


Approx 26cm high x 15cm wide x 1.7cm deep