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South East Asian Art and Antiques, & Antiquarian, Rare and Collectable books

Shibata Zeshin: Large Surimono with Lacquer - Okina Noh Mask, 1875-1890


Shibata Zeshin: Large Surimono with Lacquer - Okina, (1875-1890).

This is a print issued by Hana Kurabe in Tokyo from 1875 - 1890 and depicts an Okina (Long Life Noh Mask). Its black colour suggests it is of the Kokushikijyo type with a movable jaw. 

The print is framed under glass with the full desciption affixed to the reverse of the frame....

Signature: Zeshin. Seal: Tairyukyo. Inscribed: At the age of 80.

Obtained from a catalogue published by Milne Henderson during an exhibition of Prints, Paintings and Lacquer by Shibata Zeshin, 25 July - 9 July (sic) 1976.

On the occasion of Zeshin's 80th birthday a great number of friends from various parts of Japan each wrote one haiku. Underneath in Katakana, are the places from which each came, under each haiku is the signature of the person who composed it. The number of haiku (therefore the number of friends) signifies Zeshin's importance. This is one of the prints issued by Hana Kurabae in Tokyo from 1875 - 1890.

The Hana Kurabe prints are similar to surimono in their exploitation of just one them in each design and in the extreme skill and lavishness which were spent on the surimono and printing. 

This print utilises lacquer on the Okina mask and the paper is fine quality hosho paper; the same used on expensive published surimono of the times.


Frame: 626mm high x 727mm wide.
Visible Print: 375mm high x 540mm wide.

Condition: Very good overall - some minor age discoloration. Flattened fold marks (from original folds as issued). Frame: Some minor wear.

International shipping: Could be removed from frame for international shipping if required.