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South East Asian Antiques, Fine Art, Rare Books & Asian Art Books 稀有中國古董書冊
South East Asian Antiques, Fine Art, Rare Books & Asian Art Books 稀有中國古董書冊

The Woolf Collection of Chinese Jade, Sothebys, Limited Edition

Sold out

The Woolf Collection of Chinese Jade, Sothebys, 2013.


By Michaelson, Carol, et al. Published by Sotheby's London.

Limited to 500 Copies, only 400 of which were offered for sale.

Sold out deluxe hardback collection guide, lavishly illustrated. 272pp.

As new copy. Still Sealed.

No material spans the centuries of Chinese history or is as closely associated with Chinese identity as jade. Its incorruptible durability, subtle beauty in colour and translucency, and sensuous tactile quality once polished have long entranced China, where it has been prized over gold and silver for over 7,000 years. The Woolf Collection of Chinese Jade comprises over 130 nephrite and jadeite carvings of the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911) collected by Sir John Woolf (1913-1999). For the first time, the collection is published in its entirety, fully researched and lavishly illustrated over 265 pages. Each item is also accompanied by a brief description in Chinese.

The publication also features academic contributions by leading international scholars including Carol Michaelson from the British Museum, London; Teng Shu-p'ing from the National Palace Museum, Taiwan; and Regina Krahl, an independent researcher and consultant of Chinese Art. All essays are reproduced in both English and Chinese.

中國素有「玉石之國」之美譽,玉石是中國文化身份的獨特象徵。其質地 堅韌不摧,經琢磨後有著含蓄透亮的色澤和細膩的觸感,故在華夏七千年 歷史中一直備受青睞與珍賞,價值更勝金銀珠寶。伍夫收藏中國玉器乃伍夫爵士(1913-1999年)萃珍集寶的成果,收藏琳瑯滿 目,包括逾130 件明清時期的軟玉翡翠雕刻。本書首次完整收錄此收藏, 當中每一件臻品皆經深入研究,全書共265頁,附有插圖,中英對照。此外,本書亦收錄知名權威國際性學者的精彩評論,包括倫敦大英博物館 Carol Michaelson、台北國立故宮博物院鄧淑萍和中國藝術獨立研究學者與 顧問康蕊君。各文章分為中、英兩版。

305mmhigh x 235mmwide x 28mm.