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Vintage Oliver Typewriter, No.20, T-20, British Made

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Vintage Oliver Typewriter, No.20, T-20, British Made.


The British Oliver Typewriter company was formed in 1928 when investors purchased the assets of the  Chicago base Oliver Typewriter Company in the USA. They manufactured and licensed their typewriters until they closed in 1959.

In 1935 the company began production of a licensed design - the Halda-Norden standard typewriter as model No. 20. These machines were manufactured between 1935 until 1950.

This is the typewriter we have here. 

This one has a very good visual appearance and is a terrific decorative piece. It would require servicing to be put to proper use again - all the keys function, but some of the letter keys are sticky and would need to be properly cleaned and oiled to be brought back into full working order.

Approximate Dimensions: approx 39cm long x 24cm high x 37cm deep.
Approximate Weight: 15kg - a heavyweight machine which will be sent via courier delivery.