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South East Asian Art, Antiques & Rare Books
South East Asian Art, Antiques & Rare Books

Yao Hill Tribe Votive Figure, F

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Yao Hill Tribe Votive Figure, F.


We recently acquired a collection of 6 Yao hill tribe wooden sculptures featuring votive figures. These are from a region of Burma, though Yao tribal groups can also be found in Thailand and Laos. See other listings for those on offer.

The Yao people practice a form of Taoism, which varies depending on their region. They have a strong sense of the importance of their past ancestors. 

These sculptures represent ancestor figures to which they pay respect and homage and would typically be housed on a domestic altar. They respect and honour their ancestors in the after-life and try to obtain guidance for their own lives from them.

Very unusual sculptures indeed. Carved wood with incised polychrome decoration. Difficult to age exactly but 20th Century. Wonderful and exotic decorative items

Approx dimensions:

Height = 28cm.

Width = 9cm.

Depth = 6cm.