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South East Asian Art, Antiques & Rare Books

Antique Burmese Nat lacquered teakwood

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Burmese Nat, lacquered teakwood


This depiction of a Burmese Nat shows a male rider on white horse.

He is a Nat, from pre-Buddhist animist beliefs of Burmese people. These are a group of supernatural beings, or nature spirits, of which there is special group of 37 ‘royal’ Nats.

Nat worship sill occurs in Burmese society alongside Buddhism which is the prevalent religion. It is much more common in rural areas.

A likely identification is of Aung Zawmagyi , rider/Lord of the white horse, said to have been executed for arriving too slowly, by an angry prince who had been waiting for important news.

A number of other names appear to be used for this Nat such as Khai Myinbyu Shin or Nga Pyi.

41cm high x 25cm long x 12cm wide.

circa 1930-1950.