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South East Asian Art, Antiques & Rare Books
South East Asian Art, Antiques & Rare Books

Antique Franco-Prussian War Print, 19th century, Image A


Franco-Prussian War Print, 19th century, Image A.

Rare 19th Century image of what we assume is an image depicting a scene from the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71). This is not a subject we claim to be experts in, so would be happy to be corrected if this was incorrect.

We currently have 2 similar images for sale at the time of listing. Please see alternative Lanna Antique listing for the second image.

The mount board on which the print is mounted is heavily worn around the edges and discolored and spotted (though it is likely the new owner will be covering this are up with a mount board window frame).


Outer mount board size: approximately 45.5cm high and 58cm wide.

Image size: approximately 22.7cm high x 38.6cm wide.